Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Why Socialism Will Never Work (in a nutshell)

Utopia, the perfect society, or according to one well known Senator, the perfect village...the theory of Socialism at its root is a wonderful theory. The idea that everyone in a society thrives, and that poverty becomes a thing of the past through collective hard work and compassion. What is wrong with this idea that so many "progressive" thinkers have adopted as their life's ambition...simple, it does not work. The reason that the theory of Socialism does not work is complex, but it can be made simple for the purpose of this article, in short, it is a theory. The problem with a theory, or a concept, or an idea for that matter, is that they all look great on paper, in lab conditions, but when you try to enact them in the real world, the ugly truth about most theories begins to show. For Socialism to work, every member of a society must pull their own weight. Take a look around, does that seem possible to you, as an intelligent life form? The truth is that Socialist are idealistic, and if they truly believe that Socialism will work in a real society, they are also naive. It has been proven that water will follow the path of least resistance, and in many ways, humans are like water. If you constantly give a person sustenance without requiring them to work for that sustenance, they will never work. The old adage, give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime is very pertinent to this discussion. If the government constantly gives men fish, why would they buy their own pole and bait a hook? The answer, they will not. Socialism will never work for the same reason that capitalism makes some people rich. In a capitalist market, those who work the hardest gain the most spoils. Removing the incentive for these hard workers to work, by redistributing their spoils, does nothing more than create mass poverty, it does not eliminate poverty. Look around, has socialism ever been successful? Were the bread lines of the Soviet Union a picture of success? If so, why is America, a capitalist nation, so much stronger in every facet of life than quasi-socialist nations like Cuba? Why do thousands of Cubans risk their lives every year in an attempt to reach America? It seems so simple, and in fact it is. This life is a survival of the fittest, it is human nature, and as long as humans are involved in the equation, Socialism will never work.


mommy zabs said...

great post. i linked to it in my blog post on socialism. someone responded to your post on my comments. you should rebuttle him. see it here.
www.mommyzabs.com (a couple posts down)

Anonymous said...

You speak as if people are inherently selfish, I don't think they are.
If people are so selfish - why in times of crisis do they often risk their life to save complete strangers? If people are so set on only gaining as much for themselves as they can; why is continous looting/robbing, preying on the very young or elderly, not a problem?

I think capitalism has been such a driving force that we can no longer see ourselves as anything BUT selfish. I think over generations we have learned to protect ourselves and take down anyone else that might get in the way.
Its learned, not inherent.

What always baffles me is how people always defend a system that treats them horribly. I understand the rich defending it - to the death - butI don't understand how someone working a terrible job - who will always be working a terrible job, who has to struggle to meet health care needs, whos children have to go into ridiculous debt to get an education.. who can they stand for a system that as done this to them? How can someone be okay with such vast inequality..
Your American dream has left a lot of people behind

Anonymous said...

i agree that people can be selfish. but, look around in other countries that have socialism and experience a mass amount of selfish people. they feel they already give enough in taxes and can care less about helping anymore. giving money to those who do not want to work is not helping anyone...its being irresponsible!! I would never begrudge someone else's hard work and success. and i am tired of hearing that people who support capitalism must be RICH. That's false and unfair characteristic. we are not envious of the RICH and do not feel we deserve their hard earned money. If i wanted more I know i could achieve it by working my butt off. that's the beauty of living in a capitalistic society.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you have minimal knowledge of socialism. As you are looking at it in a very broad scope. I could do the same thing for capitalism.

To the anonymous guy don't be so naive to think that you could go work your butt off and be rich. That is just the problem with capitalism. Capitalism in an ideal world that could work but more likely than not it wouldn't. Capitalism in reality is so corrupted by the few rich that the system doesn't work that way. If capitalism worked on how hard you work than the guys who work construction or out in fields would make millions and the CEO's who take "buisness trips" every other weekend would be making minimum age. Don't believe the propaganda there is no equal oppurtunity. After all think who controls the propaganda in capitalism (the wealthy).

Back to the OP just as the rich refuse to contribute to society as much as the working class in capitalism. Those who refuse to work in socialism are just as corrupt and should be left, but there children will be accepted back into the system so hopefully they won't make the same mistakes there parents did. Thus giving equal oppurtunity. Also think about this if there was Libertarian-Socialism (Syndacate Anarchy) rather than Pro-State Socialism. People would be getting in capital equally in return for the services or items produced. There would not be this feeling of state handouts.

Think about this too. Where does greed come from. And yes this is completely relevant because greed equates to laziness. Where does greed come from? It comes from those too poor or too rich. The rich and poor are corrupted by money because the poor have never had it and the rich have had to much. The middle class is content. The rich and poor would not exist. There will be bad eggs though I will give you that.

juan said...

I am a selfish, greedy, lying, stealing, and all around bad person by my human nature. If we all stop and think about Darwinian evolution, you have to admit that capitalism definitely fits the description.

Socialism requires a governing body to help institute any type of payment structure for the type of labor. As soon as you put a governing body or leadership roles in place you now have greed or envy. People would want to aspire to be in a leadership role, because at that point they would determine someone else's value. That tends to lead back to socialism.

The article is correct in the broad terms of socialism. I personally don't believe it can exist. Furthermore, I believe turning a capalistic focused society to a socialistic one will never work. I am not rich by any means, but I would never want to STEAL someone else's money through taxes to pay the way for someone else's needs.

The original calling of the church is to help provide to the least of these, the widows and orphans. We can be a very loving and generous people, but we must deny our human nature to become compassionate and generous person.

In the US, we have the chance to do what every we want. This is a great opportunity to become successful, but as individuals, we must rise to the challenge. If you would like to remain stagnant in your income so be it, but anyone is capable doing much more. Certain jobs are better than others. We decide, personally, which benefits resound within in us whether it is pay, traveling, location, or etc.

Socialism appears great on paper, but we will never have any type of true society in this life time.

Anonymous said...

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S Pol Haydon said...

great post, socialism will never work. Although social democratic states like Sweden thrive, socialism is much to weak to stand on its own. There is no structured political elements, its basis although commendable will not work.

Winnie said...

Think about nature. A rabbit runs from a fox to avoid getting eaten. If the rabbit is agile and quick it will avoid the fox and run to safety. If it is a slow, weak rabbit, it will be unable to outrun the fox and get to safety. This slow rabbit got what it deserved. All the other rabbits secretly wanted this to happen because they realize that if this weak rabbit mates with the other healthy rabbits, it will lower the par quality of rabbits and will lead to more rabbits getting eaten by foxes. The best rabbits escape foxes and mate with other rabbits increasing the speed and agility of the group.

As with rabbits, people need to find their niche in order to earn money. If the product or service they offer to society succeeds, they get money, are able to live how they want and survive rather well. The monetary benefit that a good worker or inventor gets rewards and encourages good work. This raises the par for the rest of the group and betters society because people need to constantly find ways to innovate. (better rabbit)

The opposite case is an incompetent or lazy worker. These people do not get rewarded with large amounts of money because they do nothing to better society. The incompetent worker is incapable of accomplishing anything useful and the lazy worker refuses to produce anything useful so neither stay gainfully employed. (a weak rabbit)

Capitalism is not learned as Anonymous tries to claim; it is innate. In socialistic nature the fast rabbit would offer itself to the fox for the good of the group and by doing so hurt ability of the group to survive in future engagements with foxes.

People are not constantly looting and attacking elderly first of all because within every society we have established that allowing this to occur constantly is not a good way to handle things. The natural "fight" that all organisms must undergo in this world has been made nonviolent among humans in the form of work. Work is our fight, it is the way that the most people can live well in a natural world with limited resources. This unwritten agreement of nonviolence does not always hold up in the real world, no big surprise there) but that is why we have laws in place and punishments laid out to enforce these laws.

Capitalism is common sense...

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SussexSocialist said...

Winnie what utter nonsense! The laziest people in capitalism are not the workers, they are the idle rich. They do not work nor contribute to anything, but they take the largest share of the spoils - how does that fit in with your rabbit story? It doesn't because the story is based on a nonsense idea. The truth is you can work very hard all your life under capitalism and billions do, but they never get rich, many never even earn enough to eat. But others do very little and spend their days in absolute luxury - why? Beacuse it is an inequitable system and has nothing to do with merit, hard work or any other laudable value.

And OP, socialism has NEVER been tried. The USSR was a corrupt state-capitalist country, never socialist. Socialism means a class-less, state-less, money-less society base don co-operation and communal ownership of the means of production. It may not work, but then neither does capitalism for billions of people now, so what is there to lose? Visit www.worldsocialism.org for more information if you wish to discover an alternative to what you think you know!

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